Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pet Rock Pocahontas !

My daughter, a first-grader, brought home an optional school project titled, ‘Pet Rock’. The kids were asked to find an interesting rock (in the yard, at the park, in their collections, etc.), give it a name, a face, and maybe some clothes to wear.

This is what she came up with, of course with some help from me.
My daughter and I were flipping through an illustrated Pocahontas book when we came up with the idea of using several small rocks instead of one big rock. She pulled out her collection of rocks – some were from her last summer camp and some were from our own backyard; she even took some from my fish tank! I drew some outlines for her. She finished the background and colored it using her crayons. I showed her how to glue the rocks around the outline and she quickly got the hang of it. I did some touch up work on the face. We also glued on some hair. I cut a piece of purple suede leather and made a dress for Pocahontas. The images show how our handiwork turned out!
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