Sewing Program Overview

Sewing is a skill that used to be traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. However, things are a lot different today than it used to be. Technology has impacted sewing as much as it has anything else. The machines that are available in the market today range from simple portable electrical machines to large computerized machines that can perform amazing tasks.

However, despite these strides made, sewing is one of those arts that continue to still be totally "hands on" meaning mass production is seldom possible.

Learning to sew can be fun and simple if we take one step at a time. My sewing program will help beginners understand where they need to start to learn to sew.

Beginner Classes

1. No experience necessary.

2. I provide machines for the first few classes.

3. I provide all basic supplies needed for these classes.

Students learn about the sewing machine and various things it can do -- how to thread and

operate it, how to sew seams and finishes, and, of course, everyone will construct and sew some fun basic items like pillow case, cushion cover with appliqué, apron, coasters etc.

My program is designed for children ages 8-16 and adults who have an interest in fashion design, sewing, and illustration.

My goal is to help kids take this “arts” seriously from an early age. I teach kids with the same discipline that I use in my adult classes. I want the children to have fun while learning skills they can take with them and use for a lifetime!

Intermediate Classes

This class is for students who have completed the Beginner Class or already have comparable sewing experience.

1. Students will have to bring their own machines.

2. All supplies are provided but basic cost will be charged.

Students will apply the skills and techniques learned in Beginner Sewing, and learn many more skills including, applying bias tape, sewing zipper, hemming, machine embroidery etc. Students will do lots of fun projects. Items created include wallets, bags, clutch purse, pencil pouch, tool kits, simple skirts etc.

After they complete about 20 intermediate projects, student will be given a test before they move on to the advanced class.

Advanced Classes

Students will be taking their existing sewing skills up a notch when they learn to sew an age-appropriate matching jacket and skirt. In addition to making a wearable products, students will expand their understanding of how garments are constructed. These projects will teach students many new skills and build confidence in their ability to sew more complicated fashion items!

In this class, students will learn how to turn a project idea into a finished item. Many new skills will be learned along the way, and students will leave with a basic understanding of a completely new fashion design concept. Students will learn how to make simple patterns, cut their fabric and sew their creations without guidance or supervision!

My mission would be accomplished when my students start making something for friends and family instead of shopping for gifts.

We have: Adult classes on Saturdays & Evenings
                Kids classes on  Saturdays & Sundays
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