Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eggplant Fry

1. 2 lbs of fresh egg plant (purple) - cut them into 4 pieces, lengthways.
Leave them in a water filled dish to prevent them from turning brown/black.
2. 2 onions (purple) - cut them into thin wedges length ways.
3. 2 Tsp finely chopped ginger.
4. 3 Tsp Sambar powder. ( Refer glossary for details )
5. 6 Tsp cooking oil.( use smart balance oil for low fat )
6. Add Salt as needed.
7. 2 Tsp chopped coriander leaves.


Heat 3 tsp oil in a heavy pan or skillet, add the chopped ginger and onion, and fry for 2 minutes. Add the cut egg plant and fry over low heat. Add salt as required. Cover it for 3 minutes; open and stir frequently, until cooked.

Add the rest of the oil and Sambar powder and stir until the egg plant is tender and cooked. If you like it real spicy, add 2 more spoons of Sambar powder.
Garnish with coriander and serve with plain boiled rice.

The Ultimate Indian Curry Manual

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nature trek…right in our own backyard - Episode 2 !

Early Sunday morning I was eager to get out to the yard and see what my bird was up to. I was amazed to see her sitting right where I left her yesterday. Camera in hand, I continued my morning stroll and spied another nest with 2 little ones in them. I went nuts with my camera.

I am yet to see the bird that built this nest and cannot wait to find out. I have done my best to capture nature in all its glory and uploaded some photos here to share with all of you. Hope you like them.

Nature trek…right in our own backyard!

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was strolling around in my front yard, sipping my cup of hot Tazo Chai. I walked around aimlessly, admiring my roses and enjoying their sweet fragrance. I turned around when I heard a sudden flapping of wings and saw a dove taking off from my hanging basket.

I set my tea down and ran inside to grab my camera. I went as close as I could to the basket and clicked a few pictures. The bird just sat there and watched me with unblinking eyes. Curious, I tiptoed over to the basket and peered in. There lay two small eggs nestled between the soft leaves. As soon as I moved away, the dove flew right back and settled down in the basket, over the egg.

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