Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taylor Swift in Arlington TX

Taylor Swift Concert at Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX on October 8, 2011

We wanted to surprise our daughter Anjana with tickets to her favorite singer Taylor Swift’s concert. We bought tickets way back in March but didn’t give them to her until her 10th birthday in August. We were moved to see her literally in tears with joy when she opened the envelope with the tickets.

As D-Day approached, we could see her excitement building up. She was doing her own count down. By then our neighbor told us that she had bought tickets for her two daughters.

We live just a couple of miles from Cowboys Stadium and our neighbors offered to drop us and pick us up and we offered to be their kids’ chaperones! Win-Win, huh? Beat that Jerry!

The girls dressed up in the most shimmering outfits they could lay hands on. I decided to make them stand out with the help of my new found passion – henna tattoos! Of course it was all about Taylor Swift and the two younger ones couldn’t stop showing them off.

The concert itself was a blast as you may have read in the papers. To say that Taylor really rocked would be putting it mildly! Her enthusiasm and energy were contagious. She does have a mesmerizing stage presence. True to her name, she was swift – moving from one stage to another built around the huge stadium.

And she is lovely. Even in extreme close up shots, blown up by the Jumbotron, she appeared flawless. And she gave the audience value for their money by belting out one after the other all of her run away hits. She made it look like the show was over before coming up with a few more. Her grand finale of course was Love Story..she glided through the stadium on a floating stage!
Only after we exited the stadium did we realize it had been raining. The non-stop screaming by the 55,000 plus crowd, mostly teenagers in Taylor look alike dresses and leather boots, completely shut out the noise of the downpour outside.