Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jewelry out of Lace !

This is an awesome lace set.

Lace is such a romantic and feminine thing to use in jewelry. So if you have never considered the idea, here are some awesome tutorials to inspire.

Ear ring
      Cut a piece of lace and trim it to your desired shape.
      The lace I have used is very thin so I soaked the cut lace in Elmer glue and let it dry. Then I ironed it to even itout.
      I used a thick sewing needle to put a small hole at the top of the lace trim.
      Use an ear ring hook of your choice silver, gold, bronze etc.
      Put your ear ring hook through the hole and fix it.

We are moving on to the necklace.
       I cut 2 single flowers for the sides and one twin flower for the pendant.
       Follow the second step as above.
       Mark two dots across the center on top and bottom on two single flowers and punch hole. On the twin flower I got two holes next to each other on the petals. You can have it the same way or leave one petal in the middle and have yours on the sides ( this will bring the pendant a little up )
      Add a jump ring on all the holes
      Cut 2 short piece (mine was 1.5 inch) chain to connect the pendant to the side flowers
      Cut 2 long piece for the back ( mine was 8 inch you decide this length based on how long you want your necklace to hang from your neck)
       Add the chain pieces to the jump rings and connect them into a necklace.
Now we are at the final product the bracelet.

Measure your wrist reduce an inch and cut your lace ( my wrist size was 6” I cut my lace 5” long)
      Follow the second step as in the ear ring.
      Cut the 2 end pieces for the bracelet I used leather (you can use ribbon or felt) I cut the leather 1” wide, 2” long (that is the width of my bracelet).
       Fold the 1’’ wide piece in the middle and insert the bracelet lace in between and sew on a sewing machine. ( you can hand sew also)
       Punch a hole in the center and add a jump ring
       Add a closure of your choice to the jump ring.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Venture with Michaels!

I am excited about my new venture with Michaels (craft store) I am now a beading instructor for them.

I am going to teach jewelry making classes every Saturday from 1 to 3 pm. August 3rd was my first class. If you’re in the neighborhood, please come join my class and start making your own jewelry. Call or visit Michaels North Arlington store for class schedule.

I am hosting a Bead night at the store on…. I encourage you to attend this fun evening. You will be amazed with your own talents!

Come and see this set of jewelry (I made this set with memory wire) on display at the store.