Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sheriff Bear

I decided to dedicate this weekend in honor of our law enforcement agencies. The project was fun from start to finish. I picked a bear that’d easily stand upright with some props. I decided to make him a Sheriff’s Officer.
I started off by making a paper pattern based on the measurements of my bear. I found an old pair of black pants that no longer fit me (Mmmm, wonder why?) and cut the various pieces, using my patterns.
I first prepared the patches for the sleeves using red ribbon as beading. I used yellow and white fabric paint and painted the details on the two patches. Next I cut a piece of leather to make a belt. A ‘D’ ring from my husband’s old watch ended up as a buckle for the belt. I turned a gold colored plastic button bought from Wal-Mart into a badge. I assembled all these to finish dressing up my bear.
I gave my Sheriff’s Officer a suitable name and propped him up on a stool by my front door. Every time I go in and out my door, I smile at my bear. He smiles right back, reassuring me that he’ll keep an eye on my home when I am away!

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