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·         My daughter was in 4th grade when she first took lessons from Ms. Sella and it was one of the best investments we made for her. She can sew her own pointe shoes, buttons, and even make things from scratch by drawing and measuring herself because of Ms. Sella's excellent teaching skills and method of teaching. I would highly recommend this class for any age group.
by Nichelle Wiggins

·         I was a beginner when I met Sella, I am a designer who sketches and has a seamtress sew my outfits but wanted to learn how to sew for myself. Sella was great not only is she affordable but her teaching skills are excellent! She has alot of knowledge about the craft, she was very patient with me and went step by step when I needed it. I was overwhelmed and apprehensive to learn sewing but Ms. Sella made it fun and exciting! I consider myself a beginner still but, with now a little experience under my belt lol
 by Nana osei
          I took sewing lessons from Ms Sella recently. She is a very warm person and expresses interest in her students. She is a very talented seamstress. She teaches with interest and passion; she encourages her students to select their projects, material and style and then coaches them to create the end result. Her sewing room is extremely well organized. She gives her time, ideas and skill generously to her students.
 by Jyothi Gaddam
     I had previously seen work of Ms. Sella in the workplace that really caught my eye. When my youngest daughter expressed an interest in becoming a fashion-designer, I became excited and requested to place her in the sewing class. We have driven to another town just for her to receive instructions from Ms. Sella. We had to leave for personal reasons, but she will be sure to return for the fall. The experience that my daughter has gained is "priceless" . With her experience, she has been able to make purses, pillowcases and outfits for friends and family members. I would highly recommend the sewing class for anyone aspiring to learn under a great instructor.
by Antionette F.
      Sella is an excellent teacher. She taught me everything that a beginner needs to know. She is so knowledgeable, skilled, patient and easy to talk to that it’s impossible not to become a good seamstress under her care. With her personal attention and small classes, I have learned so much and proud of projects I have completed. I am looking forward to future classes and advancing my skills. Whether you are new, rusty, or stuck “seamstresses” will benefit greatly from Sella’s many, many talents!
by Nancy Fisher
      My daughter and I both take sewing classes with Ms.Sella. I initially started off with my daughter and she used to love her classes. I recently started my classes and now I see why my daughter love Ms. Sella’s classes. She has amazing patience teaching little kids. She has different styles, projects and teaching technique for different age groups and that really fascinates me. She’s truly an amazing teacher!
 by Uma Devireddy