Monday, November 26, 2007

Live Ivy lighted tree

Check out my latest creation!
This year I placed my traditional Christmas tree in our living room and decided to have a live tree up on my second floor window. Guess what I used to for a tree? An ivy! I placed the pot beneath the window and strung a few thin cotton ropes from the pot to the top of the window, tying it into one single knot to give the arrangement the conical look of a Christmas tree. Then I wrapped the soft vines of the ivy onto the ropes. The lights went up next and so did some light ornaments and colorful bows. When we looked at it from our driveway after dark, it looked simply amazing.

After seeing the effect, I decided to have a tree in my front yard as well. I used another potted ivy that stands five feet tall. I stuck one of our reading lamps in the center of the pot and let the ivy cover up the long pipe. I draped lights along the vines of the plant and placed a lighted star as the top ornament.

My friends loved my unique ideas and I wanted to share them with you too! I am sure many of you have done something unique with your Xmas tree this year and hope you’d share them with me.