Friday, January 18, 2008

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Empty Cones to Party Favors! How?

Change your empty thread cones into party favors that are full of surprises.

What you Need:
• Empty thread cones
• Scissors
• Wrapping paper
• Scotch tape
• A shiny new penny for each cone
For Kids: Fill them with small treasures like plastic rings, candy, stickers, hair bands, lip gloss, nail polish etc.
For Adults: Scratch off tickets , Lottery tickets,

1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper and wrap around the cone, secure with tape. Make sure you have an inch of extra paper at each end of the cone.
2. Close the narrow end of the cone with the extra wrapping paper; if needed use some tape.
3. Fill the cone with fun stuff to match the theme of your party.
4. Close the broader end with the extra paper and secure with tape. Arrange it on a tray and place it as a center piece on a table.
5. Have the guests open to find goodies.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Party Games & Favors for Fun!

Party Games & Favors for Fun!

On New Year’s Eve we invited a small group of friends over. To keep everyone engaged, we decided to play some games. Although they were not new ideas, the two games we decided to go with turned out to be a lot of fun.

The first one was a funny face contest. Each of the guests, adults and children, was asked to make a funny face and we went around taking pictures. The fun started from the moment we announced the rules of the game. Our friends started practicing making funny faces right away! It was hilarious to watch a father son duo trying to out do one another. To make it worthwhile, we also threw in a wrapped gift for the winner. The winner was to be picked by the contestants themselves. Once everyone had enough time to prepare, we went around taking pictures. We downloaded the photos to our Laptop and placed the laptop where everyone could see the screen. We then started the slide show, there was a moment of silence and then all hell broke loose. It started with soft giggles but as each funny face was revealed the yelling and screaming started. Out of the fifteen contestants, four faces seemed to have captured the audience. A four year old girl and her father made the short list. Then we started the second round of judging with the four finalists. The crowd unanimously picked the ultimate winner.

The second game was a surprise. I had made little gift cones out of used plastic sewing thread cones. I placed some trinkets and candies inside these cones. I also placed a scratch off ticket in each of the cones along with a shiny new penny. I wrapped the cones with gift wrapping paper to make them look colorful and different. We asked each guest to pick up a cone and open it. When they realized that there was a scratch off ticket in there, everyone began to furiously scratch off to find out how much they won! It was fun to watch the adults help the kids. The disappointing ‘aws’ of the losers and the high fives of the winners were a sight to watch.

If you would like to share with us what you did for fun on NY’s Eve, please feel free to share those ideas with us.