Monday, January 19, 2015

Flourish and Thrive Academy Laying the Foundation

This is a special post to win a scholarship to F & TA’s Laying the Foundation course for 2015.
I am very passionate about creating original designs!  Whether it is sewing, painting, or jewelry making.

Where are you in your Jewelry business now?

I am on my first step of my ladder: Thinking how I can start selling my creations. I make jewelry for friends and family based on orders. I am also working on creating my etsy page.

What is holding you back in your business and your life?

Marketing my creations is my biggest fear which is holding me back. My creating skill level is10, but my marketing skill level is 1.

What is your vision for your business – where do you want to go?

I should have a business that can support me and my family well, so I can quit my 8 to 5 job and stay home creating jewelry all day, every day from anywhere in the world.

What are your biggest dreams and desires?

I want to create and sell unique Indo American style jewelry through my website in dollars and rupees. I also want to extend my sales in five years to other countries.

Thank you Robin and  Tracy for this amazing opportunity!


azhaa cosho said...

lots of luck sella! and here's to a bountiful, stimulating, and creatively active 2015!

Unknown said...

Hi Sella! I just came across your gig on takelessons and thought I should contact you directly! I just learnt sewing and recently had someone who wants me to make them some items. But I need someone with more skills who can go through my work and help me if there is any flaw. I stay in Arlington TX also. (W Mitchell Circle 76013). Please let me know if you are interested.