Friday, April 22, 2011

Theme Park Bag

Like most parents, we also go to theme parks often. And thanks to Texas heat, the kids are always thirsty and so we carry water bottles. Guess who ends up carrying all the bottles? Me, of course! I was having trouble keeping the bottles in place; the weight was pulling the bag and hurting my shoulders. I decided to make a bag for these trips. The outcome was our own unique Theme Park Bag.

Bag size: 16" X 12" I found this medium weight dark color fabric in my stash which was perfect for this project. I used one layer of foam in between the lining and outer fabric that made the bag softer and helped to maintain its shape. I quilted around the design with a decorative seam which gave it a 3D effect to the design on the fabric.

I measured my water bottles and sewed some elastic on the side to hold the bottle intact. I added different size pockets on the front and back inside with Velcro closure.


Jack said...
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Jack said...

Hey these bags are simply superb and the designs of the bags are simply amazing..Good work...Keep it up..:)

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