Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simple Skirt

Spring is here and it is time to do a little makeover in the closet. We at Sewing with Sella decided to do some skirts as part of our class project.
I wanted to teach them to make a simple skirt for our first intermediate sewing class project.

These skirts are easy to make once you get the measurements figured out
Measure the student’s waist in inches. Then measure how long she wants the skirt to be from the waist to the bottom hem.
I used a Stretch Cotton Twill fabric with bold big flowers in pink, black, and yellow in combination with a plain pink fabric for the binding.
The intermediate class students learned how to easily cut fabric strips using shape cut ruler (the slotted ruler with tear drop shapes at each end) and rotary cutter with a cutting mat.

The skirts were irresistible so I made one for me too! The girls are loving it. So am I. Turns out now my daughter and I have another Mother Daughter skirt to wear!!!

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Emily said...

Wonderful skirts!!! So colorful)))