Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kumihimo Necklace

Kumihimo is a Japanese braiding technique that creates beautiful cords made by interlacing strands of ribbon or yarn. You can make super cool friendship bracelets using this technique. It was really fun and relatively easy to do. You can get very addictive too.
To get started, you need a Kumihimo disk; I paid about $15 for mine. You can use yarn, silk ribbons or silk embroidery floss available in stores like Michael’s or Joann’s. The possibilities are endless! 
The disk is a must. It is lightweight and made of foam; mine is round and has 32 notches. You can even add beads to your pattern and make some amazing things. So many possibilities! Look for videos on YouTube. They are very helpful.
My 11 year old daughter got hooked to Kumihimo.! As advertised, it is truly quite addictive…..and in our case, keeps our daughter engaged and away from the TV. She did all these in one week.
This necklace is made of fine silk ribbons. 

This necklace is make by silk thread (I brought from the Silk City Kancheepuram India)

The red yellow and blue is made out of cotton thread.

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