Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Computer Bag

I love sewing my own purses and bags!

There's nothing better than having the perfect purse because you customized it for yourself. Plus, there's the undeniable thrill of using a cute fabric to sew a completely unique purse.

This computer bag is more or less like a sleeve. It can hold just the laptop, no accessories. I don’t like to carry all the accessories with it when travelling. I just carry the computer through the security line at airports. It is so much easier to handle, and less weight on your shoulder. I am a huge fan of paisley design. So I used that embroidery design with a monogram of my initial in the middle to add a personal touch. Used a nice black and white clock print fabric for the lining which reminds me that ‘time is precious’. There is a layer of foam in between to protect the laptop.

I also made a matching bag for my external memory card and thumb drives.

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