Saturday, December 1, 2007

Army Bear sold for $1250

A heart warming experience!I had a lot of fun creating the uniforms for these two teddies. Click on the image to see the fine details of the uniforms and caps. The buttons and pockets are actually functional! But the real excitement came after I had delivered these two cuties to a non-profit organization. They were participating in a corporate holiday event. The organizers were collecting donated items to be sent to military personnel serving overseas. These bears were originally intended to be given away as gifts to the children of the soldiers. However, when the organizers saw these bears, they decided, on a whim, to auction them off to the highest bidders in the gathering and send the proceeds to the soldiers in the form of prepaid telephone cards.
What followed was unbelievable! When the first teddy came up for auction, a small bidding war began and it finally sold for $250. By now all eyes were on the remaining teddy. The gathering went into a frenzy as a bidding war erupted, sending the initial bid well past $250. The second bear finally was sold to the highest bidder at a whopping $1,250. Although I was not present at the event, I learned all about it in the newspapers the next day. It was a heart warming experience indeed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sella,
I like the way your blog is shaoing up. Best wishes
Robin Lane

Anonymous said...


Those bears were incredible and you really did a great job on them. I was there when they were bid on. Too cool!!!